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The prophetic voice of the document was well received, but in regard to the reception of the statement there have always been reservations which the Hungarian delegation already clearly expressed at the General Council in Ghana. Reception and implementation of the document, against all the reservations, proved to be very fruitful as it came to the mission and social responsibility of the Church.

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Old, but not outdated reflections giving an impression of the Hungarian reception of the Accra Confession. You can read contributions in this selection from theologians and lay members of the Church: Dr. Péter Ákos Bod is member of the RCH, works as Professor of economics, served in many different positions in former governments, He was Minister of Industry and Trade between and and the Governor of the Hungarian National Bank between and This document partly summarises several years of preparatory work, it partly reflects on any church-related matters which emerged in Accra.

Following the close to a decade long preparation and research, the filing of this document was going to provide an elevating closure to passion transports suisse anti aging Council. In one passion transports suisse anti aging it did become an elevating moment, in another, it did not. Only a few representatives voted against, and some member churches indicated before the Council that they were requesting the full revision of the preparatory document.

The reasons for this are not merely external i. The legjobb öregedésgátló termékek consists of 42 articles. The closing part of the document Articles includes recommendations and guidance for the member churches. We choose confession, not meaning a classical doctrinal confession, because the World Alliance of Reformed Churches cannot make such a confession, but to show the necessity and urgency of an active response to the challenges of our time and the call of Debrecen.

This decision relating to theory and content, that is, the clarification and definition of the document's nature and purpose necessitate further remarks. First, however, we will call attention to another, internal contradiction which appears between Article 15 and the closing section. This binds us together to work for justice in the economy and the earth both in our common global context as well as our various regional and local settings.

We urge them to continue to translate this confession into concrete actions both regionally and locally. Other churches have already begun to engage in this process, including taking actions and we urge them to engage further, through education, confession and action. To those other churches, which are still in the process of recognition, we urge them on the basis of our mutual covenanting accountability, to deepen their education and move forward towards confession.

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This problem is none other than a responsible representation of the constituencies. Who will be obliged by it? What consequences will its approval bring about? On what level of church life will it be applicable teaching, acts of liturgy, public statement?

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The limitations set in the document, which clarify that this statement is not a Confession in the traditional doctrinal sense as is the majority of the old church creeds and the confessional writings from the age of Reformationnor is it a confessional act of unification as are a large number of church unification documents dated from the twentieth centurynor is it a liturgical text for which we also have numerous examples from church historyvery well present the limited theological horizon of the original intention.

Even as early as the mids, many pointed out the difficulties of the original objective, before the Debrecen Council. The reason for this is that theologically it is rather questionable that this will be a situation necessitating a confession of faith state of confessionand, with it, the recognition of the necessity to create a confession, if a specific situation the injustice of the global economic order goes beyond the level of ethical questions and becomes a theological issue.

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This is the exact action the closing passage emphasises as a requirement from the member churches. Article The Council urges the member churches to put passion transports suisse anti aging confession into practice How is it possible to interpret something in the prophetic sense Article Considering these, it seems like an act of great precaution that Article 15 contains so many distinctive measures, possibly as a consequence of the critical remarks issued at the Council.

This very precaution makes me feel entitled to refer to the text as a document, rather than a confession.

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The debate of genre and form seems insignificant as opposed to the questions of content. Regarding content, church confessions can be divided into three groups: 1 pervasive summaries of the Christian faith, 2 texts of consensus passion transports suisse anti aging on the unification of churches, and 3 recalling the essence of the gospel in times of crisis martyria. The document of Accra stands closest to the third type, and not only because it excludes the first by nature Article 15or because placing it in the second type was not founded well enough at the Council meeting, but because it communicates its message in such a way.

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The first — and, all in all, largest — part of the document provides an analysis on this particular situation. These are the gradually deepening economic chasm between the wealthy North and the poor South, the multiplication of the number of people living in poverty, the clueless situation of countries deep in depth, the collapse of public health programmes, famines, wars for economic resources, pollution, natural disasters, and the unpredictable but already perceptible consequences of climate changes.

This might be that special divine calling that is generated from the creation of life and divine providence. The Christology of the document and the whole Council has this viewpoint. This document as a confession is a formal opposition to this idea and the empire ideology. It judges the fact that the empire does present the neoliberal economic globalisation as it would be without alternative, but it gives false promises and placing itself in the role of some kind of a world-saver, it demands full obedience.

This pretence is idolatry Article The introduction of the document mentions a momentum passion transports suisse anti aging was meant to help its readers reach a shared insight.

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Thus stand before us the premises of the confession. This means that the crisis which compels us to create a confession is of an economic nature. The unjust economic world order is thus a fact which a priori compels us to make a confession. This is a tension which forces us to confess our faith.

These premises had to be passion transports suisse anti aging, because the declarations of the church from decades ago whether denominational or ecumenical declarations even dating back to as early as the mids, describe this very reality.

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At a closer look, as we said before, the Kitwe declaration in and the material preparing the Debrecen Council agree almost word for word with the analysis in the Accra document. At the same time, there is a significant difference in the sense that in the focus of the document we find a metaphor of recent times' anti-America judgement. The fair and just economic world order is an essential part of the faith in God, Article The document interprets the genuineness of sin and redemption on the passion transports suisse anti aging of society, and within that, economy, complementing it with ecologism, a discipline which has by now made its way into the ecumenical movement, and this way it hinders not only the recognition of the necessity to confess faith but the possible approval of a confession resulting from this situation.

The hindrance in reception is primarily palpable in church communities where this system of premises is not accepted. The reason for this is not that they are motivated by ideological differences or they benefit from social or economic advantages, but because their theological vision is different: possibly deeper.

Chinaand also the fact that the document neglects to condemn terrorism.

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With all these things considered, now we must discuss the confession section of the document. This confession is included in Articles The confession's structure is simple.

First stands a series of statements Articles which can be divided into eight smaller parts confitemur-condemnamus.

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This is followed by a confession of sins Article 34a declaration of commitment Article 35 and a short doxology Article The confession includes the ideas passion transports suisse anti aging God's sovereignty, the unity of creation, the order of economy which is intended to serve the passion transports suisse anti aging and prosperity of life, God's justice, solidarity, Jesus' mission, the unity of the Church and Christian hope. The refusals are paired with these ideas.

The logical arrangement obviously follows the form of classic Creeds and confessions known from Nicaea to Barmen: an affirmative declaration is followed fejlett anti aging bőrápolási tippek a refusal.

Since the status confessionis often signifies a situation in which the integrity of the Church's faith is endangered, now we have to examine to what extent the integrity of the affirmative statements as statements of faith is endangered by the respective concepts, convictions and factors included in the refusal parts.

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The pairing at this point is on many occasions not exactly right. The sixth confessing-and-condemning part also belongs here Articleswhose Christology is reminiscent of the Jesus image of theological liberalism. Passion transports suisse anti aging, it removes the cross and resurrection from Jesus' service, thus distorting the verse from John as well.

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As a matter of fact, the fourth, fifth and seventh affirmative-condemning series of statements were written in such a style that they can be considered as discussions of factors endangering the integrity of faith and anti ageing medicine courses they compel a confession of faith Articles The wording in these cases recall in their form the classic arpa a szemen writings and it seems to agree with oftaquix szemcsepp criteria based on which the status confessionis, as a necessity of confession becomes relevant in the cases of false teachings, concepts or practices that endanger the fundamental elements of Christian faith.

This thought is powerfully expressed in Article The misconception of success theology is deeply rooted in Protestantism, and these days it primarily blooms in the circles of evangelist mission workers in Latin America and the Third World. It is legitimate to take up a confessing position against this. At the same time, some other, theological reflections of these parts may result in at least three very serious problems and on-going debates.

The first of these is the unconditional justification of active resistance. The question of active and passive resistance has been subject to very serious and deep theological-ethical debates for thousands of years. The unconditional approval of active resistance is also contradicted by two symbolic documents of the Reformed Passion transports suisse anti aging in Hungary: question and answer of the Heidelberg Catechism in relation to the explanation of the fifth commandment, and, in even more detail, Chapter 30 of The Second Helvetic Confession.

Although the statement of faith in question is not crucial to the Church itself, the intention of the document's editors is very obvious. By affirming active resistance without any further ado, and by condemning the proclaimers of passive resistance as well, they justify the theology of revolution.

This explains why an embarrassing tension appeared whenever communist dictatorship or dictatorship in general, or, in another context, the question of condemning terrorism arose, and this is where the closing part of the document becomes so diffuse. The second problem is related to the linking of economy and ecology without qualification. This theology, like passion transports suisse anti aging kind of a Christian reconstructionist movement, relies on traditional theological insight in terms of the relationship between man and nature and, as such, it is remarkably anti-globalist!

What the editors of the document forget is that this theological concept that they condemn is in fact a reaction to ecologism a globalist concept!