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    A Mikulás nem vágja kupán azokat a gyerekeket, akik belerúgnak.

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    A Mikulás nem dönt be három whiskyt ebéd ürügyén. A Mikulás minõségi dezodort használ és csak ritkán vizel be.

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    Ám ezúttal a hagyományos karácsonyi hangulat helyett valami egészen más várja a nézõt, egy olyan Mikulás szellemesen fordulatos és már-már megbotránkoztató történetével, aki annyira rossz, hogy gonoszsága szinte mulattató. Willie T. Stokes Billy Bob Thornton kiégett lelkû lumpen fickó, aki áruházi Mikulásnak öltözve csak úgy ontja magából a sziporkázóan szellemes benyögéseket, miközben egyszerûen képtelen a civilizált viselkedésre.

    A Mikulás piros köpenye alatt - ami egyébként is úgy lóg rajta, mint tehénen a gatya - Willie személyében valójában egy kasszafúró bújik meg, akinek minden évben van egy nagy fogása — Karácsony este.

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    The Christmas season just got a lot less joyous in this very dark comedy. Soke Billy Bob Thornton is a con man and a thief who teams up with his friend Marcus Tony Coxa midget, for a very special scam each year during the holiday season.

    A workaholic architect, frustrated in his job but determined to make a better life for his family, is bestowed with a powerful universal remote that allows him more control over his life than he ever knew possible in director Frank Coraci's high-concept fantasy comedy. On the surface, Michael Newman Adam Sandler seems to have it all, yet with all the demands forced upon him by his ungrateful boss David HasselhoffMichael finds that setting aside time to spend with his loving wife, Donna Kate Beckinsaleand two picture-perfect children, Ben Joseph Castanon and Samantha Tatum McCannhas grown increasingly difficult. It seems that Morty has created a device that will not only allow Michael complete control over his television and stereo, but his entire life as well. As Michael discovers that the remarkable device has the power to muffle the ripol suisse anti aging of the family dog, zoom himself past an irritating quarrel with his wife, and even allow him to travel back and forth through time to different points in his life, the rush of being able to skip straight to the good parts in life soon leaves him feeling as if he's missing out on the total experience. Only when Michael begins to realize that the he has lost control of his life and the remote is now programming him does he finally learn that life is as much about the moments he'd rather forget as it is the moments he will always remember.

    Willie gets a job as Santa Claus at a shopping mall, his pal tags along as an elf, and they menedzsment anti aging koncepciók their employee status to crack mall security and rob stores blind just before Christmas.

    However, there's one flaw to this plan — Willie is a bitter, foul-mouthed and perpetually grouchy alcoholic who doesn't care for kids, and it's all he can do to keep himself from getting fired while on the job.

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    The mall's manager John Ritter, in his last film appearance is certain something's wrong with the Santa he's hired, so he asks the mall's ripol suisse anti aging of security Bernie Mac to do some research on Willie. Meanwhile, one of the kids Willie is forced to talk to becomes a regular customer; overweight, awkward, and the frequent target of bullies, the boy manages to arouse something like sympathy from Willie, who tries to give him some advice and develops something vaguely resembling Christmas sprit along the way.

    O'Brien - Stunts Jimmy N. Scott - Stunts Peter D. Jennings - Sound Editor Jason K. Stewart ripol suisse anti aging Driver Haley B.

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