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    Is this the powder with extra coverage? Kelly Jeon6 hónapja Did you use the setting spray after the powder? Stephanie Holiday Yes I do! I am currently using the urban decay de-slick setting spray.

    Could you do undone beauty? Would love to see a review!!

    I'm going to continued to watch your videos. I have learn a lot. Journal Bee 6 hónapja Covergirl ultra fine pencil for brows, peach foundation to conceal the dark circles, and that great eyeshadow color pallet. Could also be used for face contouring.

    Allison B Stephanie Holiday Omg!!! Just got a new sub! It is my favorite of them all.

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    Also, that "Protect N Tint" by Neutrogena, to me, is also a tinted sunscreen, but it's one of the worst things I ever put on my face in my life!! Every shade I tried oxidized until they looked like I had painted my face with cheap bronzer or something.

    caudalie vinexpert anti aging kiegészítők nők

    Monica Clemente2 hónapja Does tinted moisturizer break you out like makeup does? Stephanie Holiday 3 hónapja Thank you!!! Is it only online?

    Elveiket a gyakorlatban kipróbálva alkalmazzuk! Anna

    I haven't seen it or Catrice products anywhere around here Are they thinking "hey, if we throw enough if them against the wall, one should stick. I'm such an emotional soul and all of my eye products are completely waterproof plus it's extra protection against the summer heat here in Australia.

    I was wearing Tarte Shape Tape and it had left my face once the tears had hit it.

    Everything else thank you Estee Lauder Double Wear still looked amazingly fresh. Salim Sk4 hónapja Mam, one more request, please suggest the best makeup fixer. Because it becomes very difficult to hold makeup for a long time on an oily face. I am desperately waiting for your upcoming video

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