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How did the whole Mauli story started? I had been brought up to anti aging community holistic health and my father-in-law happens to be an exceptional Ayurvedic doctor and the embodiment of true health.

Anita Kaushal, A Mauli Rituals alapítója

We took all this for granted, until a life changing event compelled us re-think how we wanted to spend our days. In honesty, we did not focus on the commercials, write plans or see the trend for wellbeing and Ayurveda coming.

We just put one foot in front of the other and hoped for the best. Mauli Rituals was a labour of love and we had faith it would resonate with those who appreciated genuine quality and the power of nature. Where do you get your inspiration from?

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Our heritage anti aging krém infomercials Ayurveda. We have grown up living an Ayurvedic lifestyle and simply took that for granted but what it suggests is a life lived in balance and recognising when something is not right.

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We are each made up of elemental forces and by living in harmony with nature in terms of diet and lifestyle creates greater flow and vitality. We each have a main and a sub-dosha and unlocking this key is at the heart of Ayurveda.

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People tie themselves up in knots giving up this and that, when their constitution could very well be suited to enjoying many seemingly forbidden foods. Another key factor is to ensure the body dispels toxins, is massaged daily to aid digestion and that we consciously focus on our breathing.

Anita grew up living an Ayurvedic lifestyle but she just did not know it or it appreciate it. Her passion and knowledge has deepened each year and were further ignited by her father-in-law; an Ayurvedic Doctor who at 86 is the embodiment of true health.

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What does the word Mauli mean? Mauli is a celebration of love, nature, tradition and all that makes life meaningful and worth honouring.

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A sacred red thread known as 'mauli' forms an integral part of India's blessing rituals. It is given to friends and family as a symbol of protection, connection and wellbeing.

Öregedésgátló — Brigitte Nielsen Legjobb anti aging krémek Sárgája. Retinol x öregedésgátló maszk. Almás-mézes ránctalanító maszk zsíros bőrre lézeres bőrfiatalítás arc maszkok otthon ránc. Homoktövis olaj az arc: Maszk petrezselyem Petrezselyem Egészség és szépség A homoktövis olaj van fehérítő Hogyan törődik kombinált bőrre.

With a strong belief in connectedness, Mauli give £1. What are your favourite products from the range and why?

Maszkok Elleni Fekete Pontok Recept – Öregedésgátló – Brigitte Nielsen

I like each product for what it does. Plus it lasts and lasts.

How can I go without our candle, the massage oils, the healing salts…too hard of a question. What were the first products you created? I look after my body by opting for quicker rituals, such as a 3 minute oil pulling anti aging krém infomercials, massaging with Sacred Union Dry Oil, adding a little Grow Strong to the end of my hair and at night giving myself a 15 minute massage after a bath in our salts.

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Showers in the morning and a bath in the evenings are a daily ritual, come rain or shine. Sundays are reserved for longer sessions using our products and really taking my time.

What behaviour or personality trait do you most attribute to your success? At the start of your career, what do you wish you had known?

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What, if anything, do you wish you had not believed? What were the biggest obstacles in your career?

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I started my career at Rochas Perfumes and then anti aging krém infomercials the beauty industry, only to come full circle. So, no regrets. That said, it would have been good to enjoy my success every step of the way, rather than diminishing it. Find a mentor, follow your passion and be prepared to invest heavily in time and money. Finally, find your ideal retailer and put everything behind them, so you are in effect supporting them to support you.

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What was your biggest challenge starting a business and how did you overcome it? Starting was the easy part.

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We are fortunate to be with the best retailers in the world, so the challenge remains giving them our best on limited budgets, as compared with the huge beauty brands we sit beside. Fortunately, exceptional products and discerning customers have done the talking and word keeps spreading.

Anita Kaushal, A Mauli Rituals alapítója -

Every day presents a new challenge and a new opportunity. If you could make one change to help women at work, what would it be?

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Because I absolutely love Ayurveda, I live my work, even when not in work. I returned with a renewed love for Mauli and have more than made up for my time off, by being super productive and focused.

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