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They have other more Svájci illóolaj diffúzor anti aging releases. An oddball mixture of Russian cultural elements, cabaret and brassy prog on the debut LP. That seems to be as interesting as they ever got, as later live videos found on YouTube are just Eurovision pop.

May also refer to Herzegovina. Initially they were a reasonably good progressive band with strong keyboards and folk influences, hints of Procol Harum and Kornelyans, with the debut about half excellent.

They became tainted by new-wave on later albums.

Progressive rock and pop. They made 9 albums, some of which featured Laza Ristovski ex-Smak. We've only had this one The state there was very strict, with all albums during the s and 80s being released on the state-owned Balkanton label. Excepting what was been revealed via the Erdenklang label, little was known about the current musical scene there. Initially fronted by two keyboardists, they had a symphonic Omega-like sound. Later albums are just mainstream rock.

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I've seen Vesselin acclaimed as the Bulgarian Arc jurassien suisse anti aging Davis for his innovation as band leader. They have at least 3 more releases under the name OM Art Formation. Self described as "Folk Jazz Band" and all the more unusual due to the crazy accordion playing! Latterly however, Shtourtsite changed to heavy prog-rock with an unusual style. For all their other releases they were the backing band of singer Mimi Ivanova.

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The debut is a mixture of ancient gothic songs and ethnic music in a contemporary blend of synths and female vocals. Further releases blended other styles and featured guest performances from former Embryo members.

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Audion review extract: So, what is the fascination with Acezantez? Well, one could say they were the most seriously "classical" avant-garde ensembles to exist in that world of early Nurse With Wound, seamlessly bridging Dadaism, electronics, improvisational elements and electroacoustic reconstruction.

And, that they came from Yugoslavia made it all the more fascinating, with a bizarre mixture of cultural elements. The arc jurassien suisse anti aging humour in it adds that Dada edge, which is mostly in the vocal elements, though some cliched folk and popular styles are hinted as if they wash in from occasionally opening windows. The whole of the original album has this otherworldly magic that cannot be simply described in such a review, it's altogether too unique.

They moved to standard pop rock later. He started in with the beat band The Generals, featured on Time's first LP, played on and off with Yu Grupa and Smak, establishing his own jazz fusion project in before joining September. His debut album certainly has its moments, especially if you like that funky jazz fusion with synths typical of the mid 70s, whereas LOLA is more for the chintzy soundtrack lovers sounding somewhat Piero Umiliani like.

A leading innovator, and also member of Acezantez. We don't know his later ones. On their debut LP they played a heavy rock with some prog complexities and quite a lot of Deep Purple and Uriah Heep influences. During a hiatus when Branko Pozgajec was doing military service, two members formed the short-lived Nepocin who folded when Drugi Nacin became active again. A huge disappointment, considering how good Nepocin were, the second LP was a rather mediocre collection of short rock songs.

Pre - Parni Valjak. Their "Exodus" on the BOOM '72 set would seem to be during a time of transition being psychy blues-rock with a Vanilla Fudge feel, out of character arc jurassien suisse anti aging any of their later discography of 4 albums and 20 pop singles.

Blues-rock band founded in Zagreb Croatiain They released three singles and then split up. Their BOOM recording documents a heavy band with lots of riffing guitars, and a lively Krautrock-like style.

Five years later on BOOM '77 they were playing a much straight American styled heavy rock despite the native language vocals. A patchy band with some good tracks, but mostly pop singles. Audion extract: An album long work, with lots of diverse arc jurassien suisse anti aging involving electronics, sound manipulation, collage, etc.

It's one of those fascinating journeys that's like an audio movie involving obscure texts about a court case and a scandal of some sort, which I've never quite worked outfull amazing studio trickery, electronics and tons of special effects! A classic, right down to the surprise guest appearance of British girl pop band Fanny!

Their sole album is a heavy and complex one with Italian influences often similar to Kornelyans.

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Later LP's are straight hard-rock. Acclaimed as the first protest singer-songwriter in ex-Yugoslavia. He was born in Zagreb, Croatia in and died in He started as a guitarist of Zagreb rock group Roboti and then went solo releasing an album and 4 singles.

Composer, arranger and band leader: B. Convention, active on the local and international scene. These are some of his more obviously interesting fusion ones They grew out of the super-group project Jugoslavenska Pop Selekcija in Septemberhence the name, with international cast of musicians from Time, Mladi Levi, Srce, etc.

They were from Zagreb and their name translates as "The Bell Jar". Good heavy rock based on their BOOM '77 track. Their singles all seem to be rather mediocre however. They were formed in the s by keyboard player and composer Marin Miso Limic in the town of Klis near Split. All their other recordings apart from the debut LP are listed as pop. Zivkovic keyboards, fluteMario Mavrin bassRatko Divjak drumsDabi Lukac Moog, Mellotron Progressive rock band similar to early Smak and with Italian rock influences, moving to arc jurassien suisse anti aging realms later.

CZECH REPUBLIC Despite an almost Draconian control of the arts, from the late s through to the 80s, the Czechoslovakian government encouraged the facade of a Western style record industry, with three major labels: Opus and Supraphon, who released everything from classical through to pop and occasional progressive releasesand Panton the most specialised label which had a jazz and folk bias. The quiet revolution and dissolution of the Communist state, has since opened the floodgates of the blossoming underground scene, with a proliferation of labels, offering a vast wealth of revolutionary music by bands who previously had to play it safe, or were classed as subversive and were banned.

Czechoslovakia is now two separate states. So, see also: Slovakia. Hopefully everything is in the arc jurassien suisse anti aging place!.

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They have numerous other releases to A bit like MCH Band, but more aggressive and heavy going. She has also worked with Radim Hladik. Iva Bittova vocals, violinPavel Fajt drums, metal Strongly inspired by the RiO scene, blending folk melodies into a strange fusion. Quite a lot actually. Though the musical fabric is loose, this is exceptionally inventive engaging and expressive music: quirky, fragmented and powerful, brilliant gibberish and sung vocals from Iva, spectacular rhythmic and solo violin, plus amply dynamic and wide ranging percussives from Pavel.

The music is a kind of strange arc jurassien suisse anti aging of rock, jazz and Slovenian possibly folk music, pepped up with lots of energy and creative abandon.

Anyone with a arc jurassien suisse anti aging for female vocal experimentation and inventive musical fusion should definitely check this out. Audion extract: Two ex-Flamengo members went on to form Bohemia, along with ex-M. Efekt Lesek Semelka. Since this Semelka went on to form arc jurassien suisse anti aging own pop-prog band SLS, session musician Michael Kocab became known for creating a new-wave fusion with his band Vyber.

Audion extract: Obviously, now these musicians can openly and publicly promote themselves, they're proud to do so! It's a pity they couldn't think of a group name, though.

So, the legacy of the Plastic People Of The Universe lives on, here with a really strange collection of folk, jazz and mangled rock mutations, typical of the radical Czech sound, and a hell of a lot more creative than anything since the arc jurassien suisse anti aging early Plastic People recordings.

“Our economy needs to diversify,” says Jura’s Jacques Gerber

This is dark, unconventional rock, with liberal doses of Central European culture. There are strange bits of poetry juxtaposed against radical music, along with freaky jazz edges, Gothic and dark symphonics, and the most peculiar of songs. It's fascinating, if not immediate, stuff that's totally uncommercial whilst totally musical. In all - intriguing! Not an ordinary jazz group by any means, with influences as wide ranging as Czech folk, Zappa, Soft Machine, Henry Cow and a great deal of progressive rock and classical stylings.

Crazed experimental rock typical of the 90s Czech wave. Their debut was even better than anything Jazz Q produced. Still with that spacey edge, but with lots or energy too - Energit lived up to their name! With a great rhythmic base, ever changing but riffing structure, the 17 minute "Rano" recalls both classic Miles Davis and Terje Rypdal, but with electric sax as winds soloist.

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Their second PIKNIK was a very different affair, this featured lots of winds, shorter composed pieces as opposed to the free-riffing of the first, often more what one would expect from George Gruntz or Manfred Schoof. They started as a pop band, and developed from beat and jazz roots in the s, onto a lively complex progressive fusion akin to early Colosseum, but with a fiery M. Efekt like energy and a uniquely Czech sound.

Audion extract: Vladimir Misik has been known for his work with numerous Czech bands, but mostly for his own band: Vladimir Misik Etc. Most of what I've heard by his band however has been less than impressive, a mixing of jazz-rock and blues with little merit or distinction.

Far better were an earlier band he was involved with, namely Flamengo. A kind of jazzy parallel to M. Efekt I suppose. Originally in a trio with Alan and Miroslav Vitous in the s.

All his known recorded output is from since he moved to the USA, and mostly as a keyboardist, including many LP's with the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Nowadays he's best known for his synthesizer based film and TV soundtracks. Their releases comprise eerie, gothic and fascinating music performed on medieval instruments, church organs, all sorts of ethnic instruments, percussions, etc.

Experimental theatre and gothic-folk-cosmic music. Mostly acoustic, yet quite surreal.

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They eventually become the vehicle of Chic Corea inspired keyboardist Martin Kratochvil, making a synth fronted fusion in the ECM type style. Jazz Q were a revolutionary fusion band, pioneering the Czech jazz-rock sound. Arguably in similar realms to Nucleus at the start, they developed a sophisticated fusion with.

Check out connected projects: Prazsky Vyber, Stromboli, and Pavlicek's solo's. A proto super group with future members of Modry Efekt and the German band Emergency. After successful excursions into jazz fusion, later albums developed a dynamic progressive and space-rock style akin to Eloy or Progres 2 at their best.

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Modry Efekt are justly classed as one of the finest of Czech 70s progressives. An early white blues band, M. Efekt, led by talented guitarist Radim Hladik, had a penchant for invention. Although this wasn't realised at first, co-operation with the Prague jazz-rock group Jazz a changed the bands direction entirely.

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Efekt's music with a huge jazz orchestra. The effect was a powerful, superbly crafted and innovative music, a veritable playground for Radim's amazing guitar.

A groundbreaking session combining the talents of these two top bands, strongly featuring Stivin's sax and Hladik's guitar. A unique concoction! Audion extract: Olympic became synonymous as the Czech Omega, they similarly went through a progressive phase in the late Seventies.

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He has also scored numerous films some together with Michal Kocab and Jiri Stivin. Existing since the late s, and often very radical, the early recordings sound quite psychedelic and amateurish, yet have an angry and appealing charm.

Nowadays they play a far more tame music. Audion extract: Kissing Spell reissues - The most notorious of Czech underground bands, arc jurassien suisse anti aging thus the most publicised internationally, most of the PPU back-catalogue was previously issued on CD by the now defunct Globus International label. But it was still a surprise to see a few PPU reissues coming out on the generally British psych oriented Kissing Spell label. These three seem to be the start of a series, all with a complete make-over, new presentation, and historical booklets in English for the first time!

A few Zappa numbers and other familiar covers translated into Czech also feature. The big chunks of talking are of course a waste of space to non-Czech ears. And those songs sung in English are turgidly torturous. Maybe they were sometimes deliberately bad, and it seems the audience agreed shouting abuse at them. Only the latest tracks on this disc appealed to me.

But, whatever, this was the definitive refined mixture of polit-rock, RIO fusion with a great deal of unique innovation. Kind of Zappa meets Henry cow with a good deal of Balkan style culture thrown in. It's totally eclectic and often tongue-in-cheek, and it all works even if you don't understand any of it.

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I'm not so sure if the bonus tracks were such a wise choice though.