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Anti age cream for oily skin

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On average, our skin is completely renewed in every 28 days. As a result, and due to environmental factors sunlight, smogour skin loses its natural radiance and may also have pigmentation, aging and liver spots.

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If you do not pay enough attention to anti age cream for oily skin skin care, then after a while you are guaranteed to face the problem of gray, dull skin. Use chemical exfoliants!

As your skin gets more oxygen, becomes smoother, softer and fresh looking.

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The aging process slows down and the skin care products can be better absorbed into the skin. Put Vitamin C into action! Vitamin C is essential for collagen synthesis, which enhances skin firmness, lightens pigmentation spots, binds harmful free radicals and provides a fresh, glowy complexion.

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Use a face oil! I have already written a post about it, you can read it here. Give yourself a massage! Over time, lymphatic and blood circulation also slow down, that inhibits the delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients to the skin cells, which also leads to dullness.

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Go downwards on the neck on both sides, and upwards on other areas of your face. Make sure to never pull or drag your skin, be gentle!

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