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His profound interest in the arts and his Protestant identity shaped by the oscillation between the Sárospatak versus Debrecen axis constituted the basis and the framework for an overarch His attention turned to pedagogy, of which he became privat-docent inthen full professor in Starting from this juncture, he led parallel professional lives rooted in aesthetics and pedagogy.

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In the year before his retirement he was elected rector of the university. His attitude in this supreme office was characterized by seeking compromises, which was a direct consequence of the priorities of the age in which he lived.

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It was during his rectorship that the university was to surrender its science departments. However, the diplomatically sensitive rector was able to attain the continuance of instruction in the disrupted departments by employing external lecturers.

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During his retirement as pensioner his life assumed a tragic turn: int he year — prompted by outside advice — he resigned his position as corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy then, in the middle of the s he left Hungary. The one-time Debrecen professor of pedagogy spent his remaining years in Stuttgart and that is also where he died in

kalendárium éves 2020 suisse anti aging