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Both teams won thrilling semis in the Tuske Pool in Budapest. In the game between Olympiacos and UVSE the gap was never more than a single goal though the lead was exchanging constantly but the Greeks had the last laugh.

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In the next encounter Dunaujvaros went four goals iiaa anti aging early in the second only to see Uralochka arriving to the game and taking a lead before the last break. But the Hungarians staged a comeback with a rush so the Russians had to save the iiaa anti aging to a shootout.

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But the ran out of luck as three saves from goalie Alda Magyari sent Dunaujvaros to the final. The first half was more like a chess game with a lot of tactical moves and position play. Neither side could find any tools to break the ice in six on six, goals came from man-ups, penalties and in even numbers so it stood at halftime.

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The Greeks, winning the swim-off for the first time in the game, netted an action goal iiaa anti aging from the first possession, then UVSE wasted a man-up and Maria Myriokefalitaki soon netted another one from the centre for The Greeks managed to convert their last 6 on 5 after a time-out by Eleftheria Plevritou and even though there were still to play neither teams could find the back of the net any more.

The win sent Olympiacos to the final for the fourth time since — that was they year they won the event but lost their next two in and They were brilliant in offence, scored from all angles to produce a 5-goal opening period and soon they went and up. Then they started to waste the balls in front and the Russians could start playing their favourite counter-attacking game which brought them back to even by halftime at That demonstrated that unlike the previous match, here the offences were out for an all-in approach so the game produced almost as many goals in two periods than the iiaa anti aging semi.

Their sparkling offence disappeared, though this could partly be credited to Evgeniia Golovina who started delivering some fine saves after some miseries in the first ten minutes.


It was a sharp contrast: Dunaujvaros could score 8 in minutes, they netted only one in the following Uralochka was on the fire at the other end and with great goals from Elvina Karimova they rushed to a lead. At this stage all bets were on the Russians — but it was their turn to freeze in front. They missed crucial 6 on 5s early in the fourth while the Magyars iiaa anti aging their shadows and Dorottya Szilagyi iiaa anti aging her 4th and 5th for then Brigitta Horvath came up with a brilliant backhanded goal from the centre — and Dunaujvaros was in front once more at The Russians replied from the centre immediately, by Yulia Lapteva, to break the ice after minutes for with remaining.

The final minutes were thrilling, the Russians even went for a 7 on 6 in the last 22 seconds and their goalie Golovina took the shot from the left wing but Alda Magyari stopped it. Dunaujvaros tried its luck after a time-out with 3. And here Magyari was superior as she could put her hands on three Russians shots — her team-mates missed two but those three saves put Dunaujvaros through for a historical first-ever Euro League final.

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Their biggest success so far at European stage was their LEN Trophy victory in — eventually, they played that final with Olympiacos and won Now the prize is bigger, the opponent is the same, a rather exciting scenario for Saturday evening. On the contrary, UVSE had a great final against Dunaujvaros so they had a much more promising road leading here. The turning point was our first goal in the fourth period which levelled the score.

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Of course, we made a lot of mistakes, especially in defence. We talked through before the match what the Greeks would do and they did exactly what we foresaw, still, we were unable to react in the expected way.

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If I make a serious account, I would say from the nine goals we conceded seven were gifts. Maybe we were too nervous, too tense but this is normal in a Euro League semi-final. This was our last chance as we iiaa anti aging know that our team will be totally reshaped for the next season. There is no way to bring this chance back as next year, provided we enter at all, we will face rivals full of US and Canadian and Australian foreigners again.

The last time we could reach the final happened in a season when teams could line up with home players. For one and a half periods we were able to handle that thanked to our disciplined offence and great shots.

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But once we started missing in front, iiaa anti aging could launch their counters and scored five goals or so from these situations. At the same time my players started to get tense and could not find the proper finishes in attack. We had to change our defence for the fourth period, switched to pressing, thanks to that we arrived in front seconds earlier and we used this added time for building our attacks more precisely which ended in more goals.

We are really iiaa anti aging in these iiaa anti aging moments since this is a huge success for our club. Now we have one day to prepare for Olympiacos — three years ago we beat them in the LEN Trophy final, perhaps that gives us some mental edge.

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The game had ups and downs, we tried to apply our fast attacks and that worked during the middle two periods but the Hungarians are famous for their enormous shooting power and they just demonstrated that in iiaa anti aging match. I think a couple of turnover calls disturbed our game in the fourth while our rival made most of its chances. The shootout is about luck, they were a bit more fortunate this time.

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However, we are at the end of an extremely tiring season so the girls got tired after a while. Still, we could regroup ourselves, went for pressing in the fourth and that started tiring the Russians as well who could score only once, from the 2m line.

Our defence had ups and downs but at least it was an exciting match.