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OSZK Hungarian homeland for public use. He showed him 48 tions books, manuscripts, etc. On the one Bratislava and Oradea and the Calvinist comprehen- hand, we have the Enlightened öregedésgátló hidratáló a 20-as évekre, who seeks sive school in Sárospatak. In the course of subsequent to serve the common good and who for years has de- decades, aristocrats, scholars, figures of the Church and voted his wealth and energies to his private library in public life, and civil institutions enriched the collec- Nagycenk as part of the ongoing struggle in the cause tions with their donations.

When one examines a giv- of the Hungarian language and education and culture en collection, often one discerns the traces of varying in Hungary, a man who has labored tirelessly to build principles of collection, differing goals, and differing astonishing collections with the goal of turning them financial backgrounds and personal fates, for the stories over to the nation.

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On the other, we have the furrier, of the collections themselves are complex and varied. He also sought to ensure to parc allure anti aging often anonymous librarians, who have created, that these works be properly preserved for posterity. In through their dedicated efforts in the acquisition and the course of the two centuries that have passed since preservation of works of the traditions of writing and it was founded inthe National Széchényi Library printing, a veritable treasure chest rich with the wealth continues to fulfill this fundamental function as other of the Hungarian language and the Hungarian past.

Its collections, which boast astonishing breadth and depth, Lídia Wendelin Ferenczy are enriched with obligatory copies of publications a 6 7 The National Book Collection of Ferenc Széchényi In a document dated 26 Julythe Council of Gover- through the region of Transdanubia as deputy viceroy nor General in Buda informed Ferenc Széchényi that on to Croatia and then royal commissioner, first in Zagreb 23 June the king had given his consent to create a collec- and then in Pécs.

From this parc allure anti aging The family library, which was of tremendous importance on, the fate of what had been a private family became in the life of the young Széchényi, was put in the manor an issue of national importance.

The work that until that house in Horpács.

Sainte Euphémle. CE QUI SE PSSE Les élections sénatoriales Le Gouvernement vient fixer au 16 octobre prochain te renouvelle' ment la uxième série sortante du Sénat et convoque pour le 11 septembre les Conseils municipaux s départements intéressés, en vue nommer s délégués sénatoriaux. En Bretagne, les départements rnie-et-vhaine, Loire-Inférieure et Morbihan voteront. Le total moins value pour les quatre premiers mois atteint francs.

By the end of the s, many signs point had been done with patriotic zeal and dedication by were already beginning to suggest that Széchényi was a small circle of people—Ferenc Széchényi and the schol- taking very deliberate and even systematic measures to ars, scientists, and literati he supported—became the task add to the collection. Inthe war with the French came to an character. The burst of national enthusiasm that accom- soon began to find expression, and the number of these panied this ensured an equally enthusiastic response parc allure anti aging kinds of works in the collection began to grow.

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His sec- patriotic measures and acts. Towards the end of August retary, József Hajnóczy, provided tremendous assistance and in early September, the first articles began to appear and even inspiration, and indeed the two became close in the press releases praising Széchényi for having founded friends.

Hajnóczy began to work for Széchényi in The example he set had a strong influence He was known at the time as an outstanding legal his- on others: newspapers soon began to print reports about torian, and his new position gave him opportunity and how donations had begun to arrive for the library.

He regularly made copies of the char- printed catalogues, which Széchényi, after having been ters and various other kinds of documents that he came given permission by the king to act, sent to some across in the course of his research and donated them to people and institutions in Hungary and abroad. In the catalogues reflect very clearly the focused effort that the course of this work, he set aside duplicate copies and went into their creation.

They also show how insightful works that he felt should be removed, and he compiled a Széchényi was in his understanding of how important it kind of inventory of works that parc allure anti aging his view would make was, from the perspectives of scholarship in Hungary and important additions.

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He used the following three catego- the development of a national archive of books, to create ries: a works to be recommended to Ferenc Széchényi, and disseminate a catalogue of the collection. With regards to parc allure anti agingas the oldest male member of his family, he took works that he had recommended to Széchényi, he noted over the management of the family estates and also ac- that he had either read them himself or he had read fa- cepted an office.

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From that moment on, his career as a vorable reviews of them. Franciscus Széchényi.

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Then he served as associate judge in himself. Regrettably, however, scholars have yet to find 8 the court of appeal in the town of Kőszeg.

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He traveled any trace of it. As we know, however, acquisitions and also systematizing the archives. His progressive views met with Széchényi had a crisis of conscience when he learned of anger from the court and the clergy. No doubt he him- the unconstitutional measures that had been taken by self must have wondered whether, since he had proven Habsburg Emperor Joseph II, so he withdrew from public unable to reach results of any national significance in life.

Hajnóczy, in contrast, supported the emperor, and both the political and the cultural spheres, the only he was given a leading position on the county level. They remained friends, however, particularly after the Relying on his own estates and parc allure anti aging, he strove to ac- death of Joseph II, when Hajnóczy was stripped parc allure anti aging his complish whatever he could, under the circumstances, position.

The former librarian was a frequent guest at of his goals in the service of the Hungarian nation. In accepted a diplomatic assignment in Italy that parc allure anti aging morea few days before he was arrested, he spent ten a matter of show than actual political significance, but The National Book Collection of Ferenc Széchényi days with Széchényi in Cenk. In May ofHajnóczy was a long study-tour abroad. In the course of his travels in executed for allegedly having participated in a Jacobin Western Europe and England he went to several famous plot.

The Ferenc Széchényi who, years Londonand the influence of what he saw undoubtedly later, was made Lord Lieutenant of Somogyi County Collectors and Collections played a role in the decisions he made later. Having and made a member of the Hungarian Supreme Court returned from his travels, in he took on the ser- of Justice at the time known as the seven-person tablevices of Mihály Tibolth.

Apart from this, his primary had once been. He was known across the country as responsibility was the library. Széchényi purchased a a nobleman who was loyal to the dynasty. Only later great deal of books during his travels.

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However, it is quite possible foremost by founding the library that bears his name. He began to work together regularly with Having withdrawn voluntarily from public life, Széché­ booksellers and antiquarian booksellers from Vienna, Books on the shelves of the library in Nagycenk nyi began to focus instead on cultural life. The role Leipzig, and Nuremburg. He commissioned Hungarian he played as a patron of the arts in Hungarian literary scientists, scholars, and writers to make purchases, and Similarly, only fragments of the catalogue that was of where one can find information concerning Ferenc and even scholarly life is well known.

In addition to he spent years searching all of Hungary and Transylvania made by Hajnóczy of the Horpácsi library survive. In- II Rákóczi. Thus, one finds here what is perhaps the providing material and moral support for writers and in search of works to add to his growing collection. He deed, what remains is in all likelihood only a kind of parc allure anti aging first example of a method that was used in compiling scholars, he also launched a number of scholarly initi- purchased entire private libraries.

His goal had become or a document that was drawn up somewhere along the the catalogue of the collection of the library, a method atives himself. He wanted to start a movement in sup- quite clear: he sought to gather together in a single col- way, but not the final version. This included any ematics, physics, and philosophy, some of which were concerning references of any kind to Hungary in works worked together with Ádám Pálóczi Horváth and József work that had been published in Hungary, regardless from abroad and some of which were printed in Hungary.

The adoption of this Péczeli in Balatonfüred, but he was ophylosa szemcsepp ár to transform of parc allure anti aging language Svájci törvényes örökösök anti aging which it had been written, as well as One finds 25 works in Hungarian or about Hungary method in was undoubtedly the work of Hajnóczy, his vision into a reality, for it required not only cooper- every work written in Hungarian, regardless of where it that figured later in the published catalogue, though who explored, organized, and recorded the holdings from ation among scholars, but also sacrifices on the part of had been published.

It also included any work that had in some cases these were later editions. These works the perspective of a historian, always keeping in mind the Hungarian aristocracy. He also took great pains in been published abroad but that in some way touched were written, first and foremost, by authors who lived the goals and needs of a scholar.


According to a letter that he wrote in in Hungary Mátyás Bél, Bonfini, Ferenc Farkas, Mik- Works listed in the surviving fragments of the catalogue Litterarius Consessus, which was held parc allure anti aging his home in Pest to one of his trusted men, over the course of four sa Hell, Elek Hoványi, János Horváth, János Ivancs­ics, that did not touch on Hungary or its history can be found in the hopes of furthering this goal, was not continued.

With the restoration of constitutional law following his Hungarian library. The annotations concern- advisor and executive and later came to play the role public sphere. While it is a bit difficult to believe this, it is ing a work of history that was parc allure anti aging in Hamburg in of secretary, he devoted a great deal of his efforts to the was one of the people who sought not only to restore quite certain that the work of assembling the collection 10 gives precise indications, including page numbers, library.

Inhe organized its holdings again, inte- and protect the privileges of the nobility, but also to became very intensive in these four years, and it had creme anti age clarins prix 11 Révai and Márton György Kovachich parc allure anti parc allure anti aging collecting the first two volumes were published.

InRévai volumes were published in andand index proposed a plan for the creation of a Scholarly Society volumes were also printed. In a work entitled Institutum diplomatico- Vienna court library, with the task of writing the preface.


In particular, Denis notes that vachich placed emphasis on historical scholarship and, the collection included an array of shorter publications, in particular, jurisprudence and constitutional law, and which was in his assessment an important consideration, he considered the collection and copying of manuscripts since these kinds of shorter publications tended to disap- The National Book Collection of Ferenc Széchényi charters of especial importance.

Kovachich offered pear or became rarities more quickly than larger tomes. He praised Széchényi for having manuscripts, charters, existing copies of these docu- had the catalogue printed in order to make the collection ments, and printer matterand Széchényi also agreed the common property of scholars and writers.

Thus, it is quite clear that Kovachich exert- had the catalogue printed with the intention of informing ed a significant influence on Széchényi and played an the scientific world of his collection. Thus, he intended to important—though not decisive—role in the growth of draw widespread attention to his parc allure anti aging, and he thought his collection.

Kovachich consistently put emphasis on it important that the collection be actively used. Preface by Michael publication Sopronii — of the manuscript ests were much broader and included belle lettres, the transported to Pest in the parc allure anti aging of Tibolth had Denis —head of the court library in Vienna catalogue compiled in — human and natural sciences, and even shorter and often already compiled the first supplementary volume of the topical publications on questions parc allure anti aging to theology, catalogue, which was printed in the same year in Pozsony politics, or economics.

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He was interested, essentially, today Bratislava in Slovakia. Mihály Tibolth, who later made the library open to the public. Perhaps the concerns he had in anything that had ever been printed in Hungary or After having turned over his library, Széchényi con- catalogue, unquestionably played a major role in these for the creation of a collection, the significance of such written by Hungarian authors and printed abroad, as well tinued to collect books with unflagging zeal.

He focused efforts. And this was abroad but which touched on Hungary. These principles harmonize, collection of works printed in Hungary to grow through together [the collection of] the National Széchényi Li- of the collection by the public all prompted Széchényi essentially, with the concepts on the basis of which the the acquisition of copies offered by printing presses in brary. Ti- unbelievable diligence with which he searched for and ble would be turned over to the public, for this parc allure anti aging ability, so long ago, to transform these principles into bolth immediately added the works that had been pur- found new books to be added to the collection.

Perhaps the only way to ensure that the parc allure anti aging would both reality offers a remarkable example to be followed. Only to Jakab Ferdinánd Miller, who worked in the library in of building the library.

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Miller sent the books and other materials that he In the case of Széchényi, the idea of actually founding One should also emphasize the wise insight on the part gin work on the catalogue. In a letter written to György Kovach- the parc allure anti aging of the feudal mentality and who placed son Pál, who later after the collection had been moved them to the catalogue. The to the library were being made by Széchényi. Thus, at the time The idea had already been raised by prominent figures manuscript of the catalogue was ready to be submitted to The institution, which had become independent, did 12 he was not yet thinking of using his collection as a in Hungarian life primarily in the writings of Miklós the printing house in the summer ofand in not have sufficient influence to have pressured printing 13 8 Septemberhe made this very clear in a letter writ- regarded this as overly ingyenes hipnózis anti aging. Thus, both in the secondary literature and as works was Thus, the number of printed works that manuscripts that I have acquired, in no small quantities, a matter of so-called common knowledge the conclusion were given to the library in the spring of must have since the publication of the most parc allure anti aging supplementary has been reached and repeated that Széchényi laid the been 10, However, since Miller never took the effort to foundations of the national library by providing a collec- 3, were works that numbered less than 30 pages, and orvosok formula alapozója az öregedés parc allure anti aging küzdelemben to me the titles which individual authors tion of some 4, books.

Only recently have we taken were single-leaf works. Thus, the holdings of the or the Council of Governor General had sent so that, in the necessary pains to use the catalogues, which offer far National Széchényi Library must have consisted of some accordance with the second point of the royal charter, more reliable information concerning the holdings, and 7, books and 3, smaller publications, and of course the other supplementary volumes could be published, examined each entry in order to compile a more precise manuscripts, maps, and prints.

If volume to the catalogue contained 3, publications copies and have them sent to Pest, particularly consider- one considers only the first two catalogues, which were 2, of which were more than 30 pages in length, 1, ing the prevailing relations today. Your honor will also published inthe number of items was 7, The of which were less, and of which were single-leaf The National Book Collection of Ferenc Széchényi see that through no fault of my own I was parc allure anti aging in number of printed items that were less than 30 pages-long works.

Thus, according to the catalogues published by my efforts to acquire books and continue publication of and thus could not be regarded as books proper was 1, Széchényi, the holdings consisted of a total of 13, the catalogue.