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Experiment was carried out in Farma Papůvka in Pňovice.


For comparison, there were 59 milk cows without limping symptoms chosen by ügető herbe suisse anti aging sampling and joined to previous milk cows. As monitored parameter the actual milk yield, the fat content, content of protein and lactose were evaluated. The content of compounds in milk has not changed in largely. Key words: milk cows, limping, lameness, milk yield, Holstein cattle Introduction The abolition of binding stabling has become a turning point in milk cow breeding.

Changeover to loose stabling brought many advantages but during the time also negatives occurred. One of the problems which arose after yield increasing, changes in feeding system and stabling, was increasing a number of limping cows due to cloven hooves disease. Structure extremity of cattle was evolutionarily adapted for walking on pastures i.


Concrete or grid floors of loose stabling do not respond to physiological needs of cattle extremities and together with even hardly perceptible influences the development of cloven hooves disease occurred. Some breeders do not realize the impact of cloven hooves disease on the rentability of breeding, not even in economically inauspicious present. Good health condition of extremities and cloven hooves is an important prerequisite for successful milk cows breeding. Because milk cow which suffers with extremities pains spends more time by lying and therefore it takes less feed in, produces less milk, loses weight and becomes to have reproduction problems.

In dairy cattle breeding the limping is classified together with mastitis and reproduction disorders as one of the most spread production disorders.

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So that it is convenient to pay attention to prevention since heifer age. This can keep cloven hooves disease on acceptable limits.

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Before each sampling, walk of milk cows was assessed when walking through milking parlour. According to this milk cows were sorted into groups.

Two groups were created with each breed.

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The first group limping milk cows with visual walking or extremities disorders have lightened during milking. Second group healthy, without visual marks of limping and extremity lightening during milking.

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Milk cows from first to third lactation were put on experiment from 45 to day lactation. Milk cows which were limping because of irregular extremity stance, with chronic limping and treated milk cows were not included into experiment.

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Milk was sampled always during the evening milking. After dripping the milk off into vessel, ml of milk was taken into sample container and after ending of milking all the taken samples were cooled down. With chosen milk cows actual amount of drawn milk was recorded. Samples were transported into laboratory of Department of Animal Breeding in Mendel University in Brno the following day where the analyses were carried out. Cloven hooves disease diagnostic was carried out according to symptoms which are described in professional literature.

After consultation with experts disease diagnosis were made ügető herbe suisse anti aging adjustments of cloven hooves was realized.

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In the case of need a chirurgical elimination of problem and following treatment was carried out by authorized person. Results and discussion Figure 1 shows average values of chosen dairy yield indices comparing healthy and limping milk cows.

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With milk cows without lameness an average milk yield was 14,90 kg of milk min. With limping cows an average milk yield was only 11,48 kg of milk min. There was no statistically significant difference between healthy and limping milk cows found out.

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Also content of lactose was analysed. An average values of chosen dairy yield indices According to results, with cloven hooves disease of milk cows a yield decreasing occurs. This affirms Amory et al.

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Also Warnick et al. Significant relation of milk yield decreasing at walking disorders is then stated by Hernandez et al. Kocak and Ekiz monitored changes in milk amount from one milk yield with Holstein cows and found out that mostly decreased milk yield was with limping milk cows in the first week after diagnose in extent of 3 kg of milk.

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This is also supported by our results which show decreasing of milk amount with healthy milk cows comparing to limping milk cows about 3,42 kg of milk. Also a slight increase of fat, protein and lactose content with limping milk cows comparing to healthy milk cows was obvious.

However, Juarez et al.

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While in our project we have gained opposite results. Increasing of compounds content in milk could be caused by total milk amount. Gajdůšek and Klíčník state that decreasing ügető herbe suisse anti aging milk amount result an amount of compound content in milk. Bouška et al. The content of lactose in milk was in physiological range comparing to studies of Gajdůška and Doležala et al.

The state of lactose is influenced by phase and order of lactation, higher milk yield and state of health of mammary gland Gajdůšek, Largely, cloven hooves disease participates on it.

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Many professionals in our country and many others are focused on this topic because only healthy milk cows with healthy extremities are able to produce such amount of milk which is predicted by its genetic potential.