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Particularly noteworthy is the architecture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when Hungary had finally found peace and prosperity. The key protagonists are strikingly introduced as a series of imposing statues. The central column is guarded by the seven Magyar tribe leaders who, in AD, stormed into the Carpathian basin, comprising present-day Hungary and beyond.

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A statue of Árpád leads these seven heathen horsemen, and they appear to be kept in check by Archangel Gabriel, who presides over them from the top of the central column.

Hósök tere at crossing of Andrássy út and Dózsa György út.

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Metro: M1 to Hósök tere. Get on at the Hósök tere stop and be whisked, just under street level, directly down the elegant Andrássy út boulevard — which I recommend you walk down on Day 2 p 14, bullet 4. Boulevardor stay on one more stop to Opera. Entrance at end of Andrássy auer chocolatier suisse anti aging at crossing of Andrássy út and Dózsa György út; on righthand side of Andrássy út if looking from Heroes Square.


First metro am, last pm. Single journey ticket Ft The Opera House. If you can, I suggest you look now but come back and experience the Opera House in all its glory by catching a performance. Be warned that the supersteep cheap seats are not for sufferers of vertigo.


The neo-Renaissance style of the exterior is all semi-circular arches and columns, and is symmetrically topped off by statues of idols of Hungarian opera, while statues of the two Hungarian musical greats, Liszt and Bartok, flank the main entrance. Step inside and the style changes dramatically to neo-classical with the walls and ceiling adorned by lavish works from leading Hungarian artists of the day, including Gyula Benczúr and Bertalan Székely.

Exclusive Hungarian participation was deemed crucial in establishing the home of Hungarian opera, although the scary but magnificent-looking goldplated, three-tonne chandelier was imported from Germany. Andrássy út Ft 2, discount Ft 1, Tours at 3pm and 4pm daily, performances vary.

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Metro: M1 to Opera. This, the former ticket office of the neighboring Opera, which can be viewed through the large arched windows, has been superbly spruced up by the noted British designer David Collins in an engaging blend of finde-siècle and Art Deco. While Callas is a serious dining venue with a decent sushi bar, it also does great Hungarian and international breakfasts, homemade pastries and cakes, as well as sandwiches.

Building this Budapest landmark proved a job too far for defining Hungarian architects József Hild and Miklós Ybl, who both died during the prolonged year construction. The project literally hit rock bottom when the dome collapsed ina year St.

A massive restoration project was completed in and the gleaming marble is the result of the application of kg of beeswax. The almost 1,year-old withered hand of St. Another great Hungarian hero Ferenc Puskás, the talisman of auer chocolatier suisse anti aging Magical Magyars and Real Madrid goal machine, was laid to rest here in An elevator is on hand to whisk you up to near the top for sweeping views of Buda and Pest.

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Szent István tér Mon—Fri 9am—5pm, Sat—Sun 10am—4pm. Metro: M1 to BajcsyZsilinszky út.


M3 to Arany János utca. While it was once the biggest Parliament in the world when it opened for business inthe building has lost none of its opulence.

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The exceedingly long corridors of power, the grandiose gold-plated interior and red-carpeted staircases do nothing to instill any form of collective unity between the polarized politicians. While much like any Parliament, should you happen to enter the chamber after a debate, to which the opposition actually shows up, you can almost feel the steam rising as you enter.

Look out for the Hungarian crown, a gift from the Pope to King now Saint István Stephen in the year to thank him auer chocolatier suisse anti aging signing up Hungary to Catholicism.

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Kossuth tér 1—3. Tour free for EU citizens, other nationalities Ft 2, students Ft 1, Buy tickets at gate X. English tours at 10am, Off the Beaten Track While Budapest is blessed with many outstanding sights, I encourage you to step off the beaten path as and when the mood takes you.

Budapest is visually impressive in every direction both deviating from and all along the main route of this particular tour, which features the not-to-be-missed element of the Hungarian capital.

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The magic of Budapest can also be found in tiny details such as the gargoyles or decorative motifs that adorn the plethora of striking late 18th- and early 20th-century buildings and hidden squares.

I have written this guide with that in mind but I suggest you always take a little time to look up and around as you piece together the Budapest jigsaw.


Metro: M2 to Kossuth Lajos tér. The brainchild of István Széchenyi, an anglophile Hungarian Count who sought to bring rural Hungary into the modern age, he employed two designers to build the ornate bridge, each with the name of Clark: William, an Englishman, and Adam, a Scot.

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It was soon rebuilt and reopened on its centenary in the original style. Funicular in the Castle District.

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Connects Roosevelt tér with Clark Adám tér. Bombed, burnt, battered, and rebuilt many times throughout the centuries, the Royal Palace and St. I suggest auer chocolatier suisse anti aging wander the district at your leisure to soak up the history of the place and return later for a more in-depth tour. See p 60 for a complete tour of this historically rich district. Bus 16 to Dísz tér.